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Exclusive Purchase (internet version in english)

Exclusive Purchase

In English, online version By Didier FERRIER, Professeur à la Faculté de droit et Science politique de Montpellier (France)

A Supplier may entrust the distribution of its products to an Agent in the context of a Commercial Agency or Commission Agency Agreement. It may also set up a preferential relationship with a Reseller by means of an Exclusive Purchasing Agreement, a Selective Distribution Agreement, an Exclusive Distribution Agreement or a Franchise Agreement. PACTA offers templates for each of these six contracts and their translation into English.

Managing the relationship between a Supplier and a Distributor may be effected by the formula of an Exclusive Purchasing Agreement: the reseller undertakes to purchase solely, or almost exclusively the products from the Supplier to the exclusion of competing products. In return, the Supplier provides certain economic advantages that nonexclusive purchasers do not have. The contract sets the terms under which further sales-purchases shall take place. This kind of arrangement allows a Supplier to set up a stream of business that ensures an outlet for its products.

  • General Characteristics
  • The Organisation of the Agreement
  • Provisions under French Law
  • The Effects of the Agreement
  • Termination of the Agreement
  • Law on Anti-Competitive Practises
  • Tax Aspects
  • Checklist
  • Legislation
  • Bibliography