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collective purchase order : in French and in English CESSION ET ACQUISITION D'ENTREPRISES
Updated by : Me Dominique DAVODET
Fidal Direction Technique
Ouvrage écrit par des auteurs de renom

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Sa + sarl - in French

Sa + sarl - en langue française
(Cession et acquisition d'entreprises).
Mis à jour par Dominique DAVODET
Fidal Technical Management
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Sa + sarl - en langue anglaise

Company transfers are complex operations, which come under several branches of the law.

PACTA has assembled all the information required for the normal transfer of control of a S.A. and a S.A.R.L.: sample contracts, notes, legal formalities, vendors and purchaser checklists, standard letters and forms, case law, bibliography, etc.

The structure follows the order of tasks and allows an overview to be maintained. With regard to contracts, a clear and concise note accompanies each clause. Variations often allow a drafter to place him or herself in the place of the vendor or of the purchaser, according to the party represented.

In order to draw up draft contracts and other documents, you select the wording chosen by simply clicking a box with your mouse. The disadvantages of "cut and paste" then disappear: the program automatically exports your draft document to your usual word processor. The wording is available in French and English.

Subscribing to the French and English versions allows drawing up the draft document in the language of your choice and then obtaining its translation.

Sommaire détaillé de l'ouvrage

- Commentaires généraux
- Bibliographie
- Textes et jurisprudence
- Lettre d'intention
Cession d'actions
- Check-list de l'acheteur
- Check-list des vendeurs
- Promesse de vente d'actions
- Promesse d'achat d'actions
- Protocole de cession d'actions
- Formalités SA
Cession de parts sociales
- Check-list de l'acheteur
- Check-list des vendeurs
- Promesse de vente de parts sociales
- Promesse d'achat de parts sociales
- Protocole de cession de parts sociales
- Formalités SARL
- Contrat de garantie
- Autres documents accessoires

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